P010 logoLioniX is a leading provider in co-development of products and manufacturing of components based on cutting-edge micro/ nano technology for its (OEM) customers. LioniX offers design for manufacturing and horizontal integration by partnering with foundries, suppliers of complementary technologies and R&D institutes. Therefore, LioniX is able to offer complete solutions, and to control the process of development into production as well as the manufacturing of the final product. LioniX is a private company, founded in 2001 and located at the Business and Science Park in Enschede, The Nether lands. It employs over 25, highly educated people, and its management has experience in the micro/nano technology for decades.
For whom we work
LioniX is being oriented towards emerging product-market combinations like optical components in Datacom, Telecom and instruments in Life Sciences, Industrial Process Control and Space. The combination of the core technology competences in integrated optics, micro/nanofluidics and surface (nano)chemistry gives LioniX an unrivalled competence in the area of Lab-on-a-Chip applications,
whereas the proprietary TriPleX™ platform has a unique added value in Planar Lightwave Circuits which can also be combined with fluidics (optofluidics). LioniX distinguishes itself on an international scale in projects for multinationals, innovative SME’s and start-up companies, as well as for universities/institutes and leading end-users.
Customer relations
LioniX works closely with its clients in customer-specified projects, aims for an open and sustained relationship, strives for an early involvement and a leading role in the process from concept to production and supply during the life cycle of the product. The collaboration is based upon sub-contracting, licensing of IPR and joint ventures.
LioniX collaborates with the MESA+ Institute for Nano technology, one of the largest nanotechnology research institutes in the world and has built up a firm IPR position in its core competences. LioniX actively maintains and extends its network and has agreements with a variety of providers for volume production, assembly, electronics, software, system integration and industrial design. Next to this, LioniX partners with actors in the area of biotechnology, food, medical, fine chemistry/pharma and water technology.
Key competences and activities
  • Integrated Optics
Devices are based on the proprietary TriPleX™ (Si3N4/SiO2) technology, which enables UV-VIS-(N)IR transparent waveguides for data/ telecom applications, optical detectors, sensors and signal processing
  • Microfluidics
Components and system engineering for (bio)sensor, Lab-on-a-Chip and flow chemistry Technology applications, including integrated optics
  • Optofluidics
The unique combination between the TriPleX™ and mircofluidics technology enables a further integration of sensors in Lab-on-a-chip and flow chemistry
  • Surface Functionalization
The rational design of functional surfaces, i.e. for immobilization of receptors and catalysts, supported by innovative mesoscale modelling techniques
  • Micro/Nano Technology / MEMS
Thin films, structures and components based on numerous process steps developed in the MESA+ NanoLab, including LioniX’ specialties such as DRIE of glasses, Fused Silica wafer bonding and Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP)


logo1This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme
for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 614057
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